International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Research | Volume 1

International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Research

Table of Contents

Volume 1, 2015


Contributions of Ordinary Citizens Towards Development of a Society: The Case of Bangladesh - Pages 144-153
Ishtiaq Hossain

Employment Experiences of Visible Minority Immigrant Women: A Literature Review - Pages 134-143
Bharati Sethi and Allison Williams

Limits of the Regulatory State Idea: Science and the Cultural Constitution of Capitalist States - Pages 119-133
Patrick Carroll

Strengths and Dysfunctionalities of Formative Assessment: A Short Analysis from the Perspective of Romanian Education - Pages 114-118
Valerica Anghelache

An Analysis of Five Factors of Personality Traits of Turkish Late Adolescents According to Computer Anxiety - Pages 108-113
Sevda Aslan

Patentable Subject Matter: Comparison between French and Jordanian Laws - Pages 102-107
Iriqat Mohammed

Accounting for the Response-Shift: Pre-Service Teacher-Efficacy Development in Immersive Learning - Pages 90-101
Winnie Mucherah and Kendra Edwards Thomas

Spiritual Connections and Complexities in Rural Communities: A Case Study of Annang Farmers in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria - Pages 78-89
Valerie Aphie Solomon, Margaret Abba Yaro and Ifiok David Ekong

The Correlation Analysis between Bullying and Experiences in Close Relationships in High School Students - Pages 74-77
Sevda Aslan

The Caring Organization: Singularity, Incompleteness and Responsibility or why 5+1 is not always 6 - Pages 64-73
Ignaas Devisch

Who Pays for the “Social Cost” of Labor? - Pages 57-63
Rojhat B. Avsar

“It Puts us in our Students’ Shoes”: Listening to Voices from Teacher Candidates on Their Test-Taking Experience - Pages 46-56
Liying Cheng and Jia Ma

Time to Rethink ‘Orphans and Vulnerable Children’? Findings from a Phenonenological Study in Uganda - Pages 30-45
Gloria K. Seruwagi

The Limits of Scientific Gaze: Exploring the Contradictions of Contagion, 2011 - Pages 20-29
Maximiliano E. Korstanje and Geoffrey Skoll

Relationships between Personality and Burn-Out: An Empirical Study with Helping Professions’ Workers - Pages 10-19
Paola Magnano, Anna Paolillo and Carmine Barrano

The Influence of Delay and Item Difficulty in Criminal Justice Systems on Eyewitness Confidence and Accuracy - Pages 1-9
Jacqueline M. Wheatcroft, Graham F. Wagstaff and Brian Manarin

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