Journal of Intellectual Disability Diagnosis and Treatment | Volume 7 Number 3

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Volume 7 No.3, 2019

* This issue includes papers published with Open Access

Open AccessReframing Autism in a Mainstream Classroom via the Constructs of Inclusion and Stigma - Pages 57-67
Kevin Xuereb and Wenn B. Lawson

Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System for Infants and Children: What are Salient Development and Research Factors to Consider? - Pages 68-76
Marisa Macy, Ching-I Chen and Robert Macy

A Curative Perspective on Down Syndrome - Pages 77-85
Jean A. Rondal

Motivational Mechanisms of Demonstration of Professional Competences in a Situation of Uncertainty 
- Pages 86-96
Petr A. Korchemnyj

Available Approaches to Combining Traditional and Modern Medicine in China - Pages 97-101
Wang Haiyan

Exercise-Based VRT Shows Benefits in Balance and Postural Stability in Adult Patients with Unilateral Vestibular Hypofunction - Pages 102-108
Kambiz Ahmadi Angali, Elham Maraghi, Arash Bayat, Nader Saki and Golshan Mirmomeni

Comparison of Fundamental Frequency between Monolingual and Bilingual Children with a Cochlear Implant - Pages 109-113
Arash Bayat, Soheila Nikakhlagh, Ehsan Naderifar, Parisa Majlesi, Negin Moradi, Majid Karimi, Hossein Bagheripour, Manzar Majlesi and Nader Saki

Case Study of Teaching Meta Communicative Competence Issues in Learners with ID - Pages 114-118
Saimkulova Sholpan, Chaklikova Assel, S.A. Odanova, R. Rakhmatova and Kapessova Taniya

The Relationship between Teaching Skills, Academic Emotion, Academic Stress and Mindset in University Student Academic Achievement Prediction: A PLS-SEM Approach - Pages 119-133
Nabi Nazari and Davod Mirzaei Far

The State of Psychoemotional, Cytokine Status and Endothelial Function in Patients with Combined Surgical Pathology of the Abdominal Cavity, True Pelvis and Anterior Abdominal Wall, Depending on the Methodic of Simultaneous Surgical Intervention - Pages 134-141
Lesya N. Gumenyuk, Oksana Yu. Gerbali and Vyacheslav Yu. Mykhaylichenko

Formation of Anthropometric, Functional and Psychophysiological Indicators in Students of Medical Colleges under the Influence of Physical Activity - Pages 142-149
Svitlana V. Gordiichuk, Irena E. Snikhovska, Alla M. Harlinska, Serhii M. Hryshchuk, Liudmyla M. Chumak and Liudmyla M. Kalinina

Comparing Seroprotective Levels of IgG Antibody Against Single and Two Shots of Measles-Rubella-Mumps (MMR) Vaccine in Children Aged 12 Months to 15 Years Old in Southern Iran, Ahvaz in 2018 - Pages 150-156
Roohangiz Nashibi, Fatemeh Ahmadi, Ghazaleh Keshvadi and Mohammad Hosein Keshvadi

New Trends of Teaching Methodology in Embroidery Classes to Children with Intellectual Disability - Pages 157-161
Abizhanova Assem, Almukhambetov Berikzhan, Kanapyanova Raushan, Mukhanova Ainur, Zhapalova Kamila and Kapessova Taniya

Psycho-Cognitive Human Deprivation: The Essence and Main Aspects - Pages 162-169
Yuliana M. Terletska

Connection Between Resistance to Organizational Change and Psychological Resistance of an Individual - Pages 170-178
Hlib A. Prib and Zlata V. Gromova

Creation of Coping-Profiles of Managers for Obtaining Methods of Coping in Socially Significant Situations during Negotiations - Pages 179-187
Svetlana D. Gurieva, Oksana V. Zashchirinskaia and Uliana A. Udavikhina

The Impact of Creativity and Intelligence on the Social Adaptation of the Students of the Faculty of Physical Education - Pages 188-199
Borys A. Yakymchuk, Iryna P. Yakymchuk, Iryna O. Vakhotska, Irina V. Sundukova and Yaroslava O. Lohvinova


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