Journal of Membrane and Separation Technology | Volume 3 Number 3



Table of Contents

Volume 3 No. 3, 2014

* This issue includes papers published with Open Access 

RO Membrane to Remove Sulfate: an Inland Brackish Water Desalination Pilot Study - Pages 108-118
Qigang Chang, Brian R. Bergantine, Robert (Bo) Johnson, Srinivas (Vasu) Veerapaneni, Troy B. Hall, Mark A. Peterson and David Buchholz

Open AccessMolecularly Imprinted Nanofiber Membranes: Localization of Molecular Recognition Sites on the Surface of Nanofiber - Pages 119-126
Jun Isezaki and Masakazu Yoshikawa

Investigation of the Acid Strength Effects on Bipolar Membrane Electrodialysis - Pages 127-133
Jülide Erkmen and Sinan Yapici

Removal of Metal Ions from Aqueous Solutions by Complexation –Ultrafiltration Hybrid Process: A Bibliographical Overview - Pages 134-145
Scheherazade Mimoune, Rafik Eddine Belazzougui and Ahmed Benaboura

Preparation and Performance of Catalytic Hollow Fibre Membranes for Hydrogenation Reduction of Nitrites in Water - Pages 146-153
Gonghe Tong, Jian Song, Peng Wang, Hongyong Zhao and Xiaoyao Tan

Remediation of Wastewater Containing Heavy Metals Using Modified Diatomite - Pages 154-161
Maria Visa, Isac Luminita and Anca Duta

Heparin-Mimicking Polymer Modified Polyethersulfone Membranes - A Mini Review - Pages 162-177
Tao Xiang, Chong Cheng and Changsheng Zhao

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