Journal of Applied Solution Chemistry and Modeling | Volume 3 Number 1


Table of Contents

Volume 3 No. 1, 2014

* This issue includes papers published with Open Access

Azeotropy Breaking in Refrigerant Blends with Ionic Liquids - Pages 1-7
V. Mazur, S. Haddad and D. Nikitin

Anisotropic Properties of Mesogenic Surfactants with Ionic Liquid Core - Pages 8-14
Jinzhi Wu, Masanori Nata and Seiji Ujiie

Open Access‘Meyer-Neldel Rule’: True History of its Development and its Intimate Connection to Classical Thermodynamics - Pages 15-31
E.B. Starikov

Separation and Recovery of SiC Particles Discharged from Silicon Wafer Production Process - Pages 32-38
Junji Shibata and Norihiro Murayama

Application of Polyacrylamide for Methylene Blue Removal from Aqueous Solutions - Pages 39-47
Hassan Zavvar Mousavi, Aisan Khaligh, Mahdi Behzad and Jalal Rahchamani

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