Journal of Research Updates in Polymer Science | Volume 5 Number 2

Journal of Research Updates in Polymer Science

Table of Contents

Volume 5 No. 2, 2016 

* This issue includes papers published with Open Access 

Open AccessMicrowaves Devulcanization of SBR Containing Carbon Black - Pages 52-59
Denise Hirayama, Carlos Henrique Scuracchio and Clodoaldo Saron

Open AccessUse of Hydrophilic Monomers to Avoid Secondary Particle Nucleation in Miniemulsion Polymerizations of Methyl Methacrylate - Pages 60-71
Ana Cristina Bomfim Peixoto, Izabella Maria Ferreira Campos, Helen Conceição Ferraz and José Carlos Pinto

Novel Polycarbonates via Phosgenation of Unsaturated Diols - Pages 72-79
Nayef S. Al-Muaikel

Molecular Characteristics of Chitosan and Structure of its Films Formed from Water Solutions of Acetic and Hydrochloric Acids - Pages 80-86
Nina Belnikevich, Elena Rosova, Irina Malakhova, Valery Krasikov, Zoolsho Zoolshoev, Elena Popova, Natalia Saprykina and Galina Elyashevich

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