Journal of Research Updates in Polymer Science | Volume 7 Number 1

Journal of Research Updates in Polymer Science

Table of Contents

Volume 7 No. 1, 2018

Effect of Side Chain Length on Segregation of Squalane between Smectic Layers Formed by Rod-Like Polysilanes - Pages 1-6

Takuya Tanaka, Itsuki Kato and Kento Okoshi

Generation of Energy from a Single Fuel Cell Using Synthesized Solid Electrolyte Membrane from Functionalized Polyisoprene/ Carbon Nanotubes - Pages 7-13

C.A. Idibie, K.J. Awatefe and R.O. Ogboru

Comparative Study on Experimental and Kerner Model Predictions of Viscoelastic Properties of Polyamide 6/ Polyvinyl Alcohol Blends - Pages 14-20

K.G. Pradeepa and G.M. Shashidhara


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