Journal of Nutritional Therapeutics | Volume 2 Number 3


Table of Contents

Volume 2 No. 3, 2013

 * This issue includes papers published with Open Access

Open AccessHealth Information and Advertising Appeals in Food Commercials: A Content Analysis - Pages 137-144
Kara Chan, Vivienne Leung and Lennon Tsang

Preparation of Low-Phenylalanine Macro Peptides and Estimation of its Phenylalanine Content by Fluorometric Technique - Pages 145-153
Elevina Pérez, Liz Pérez, Lucrecia Requena, Antonieta Mahfoud, Carmen Luisa Domínguez, Alejandra Rengel, Davdmary Cueto, Romel Guzmán, Pablo Rodríguez, Erika Crespo, Katiuska Araujo and Leny Sua

Open AccessEfficacy of Modified Eggs and Chick Muscles on Oxidative Stress of Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus Induced Male Wistar Rats - Pages 154-162
Kshetrimayum Birla Singh and Satish Kumar Taneja

Gliadin Degradation Ability of Artisanal Lactic Acid Bacteria, The Potential Probiotics from Dairy Products - Pages 163-172
Gokcen Komen, Ayse Handan Baysal and Sebnem Harsa

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