Journal of Membrane and Separation Technology | Volume 3 Number 4



Table of Contents

Volume 3 No. 4, 2014

* This issue includes papers published with Open Access 

Polychloroprene Rubber/Reduced Graphene Oxide (RGO) Nanomembranes for Pervaporation Separation of Azeotropic Mixtures - Pages 178-184
Maya M.G, Soney C. George, Thomasukutty Jose and Sabu Thomas

Ion Exchange Membranes for Electrodialysis: A Comprehensive Review of Recent Advances - Pages 185-205
Chenxiao Jiang, Md. Masem Hossain, Yan Li, Yaoming Wang and Tongwen Xu

Open AccessDivalent Transition Metals Substituted LaFeO3 Perovskite Catalyst for Nitrous Oxide Decomposition - Pages 206-212
Asma H.A. Medkhali, Katabathini Narasimharao, Sulaiman N. Basahel and Mohamed Mokhtar

Mitigating Low-Pressure Membrane Fouling by Controlling the Charge of Precipitated Floc Particles - Pages 213-218
Gregg A. McLeod

Separation of CO2/CH4 through Carbon Tubular Membranes: Effect of Carbonization Temperature - Pages 219-223
W.N.W. Salleh, N. Sazali and A.F. Ismail

Development of Porous Asymmetric Polyamide–Imide Torlon® Membranes for Physical CO2 Absorption and Separation - Pages 224-231
S. Sheikhi and A. Mansourizadeh

Evaluation of Kinetics of Leaching of Lignins and Tannins in Batch Adsorption of Cr (VI) by Emblica officinalis Leaf Powder (EOLP) - Pages 232-242
Ram Pal Singh and Fatma Zahra

Emerging Tools for Recognition and/or Removal of Dyes from Polluted Sites: Molecularly Imprinted Membranes - Pages 243-266
C. Algieri, E. Drioli, C. Ahmed, I. Iben Nasser and L. Donato

Investigation of Best Operating Conditions for Treatment of Oily Wastewters with Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltartion Membranes - Pages 267-272
Mohsen Abbasi and Mohammad Reza Sebzari

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