International Journal of Statistics in Medical Research | Volume 5 Number 3

International Journal of Statistics in Medical Research

Table of Contents

Volume 5 No.3,  2016


* This issue includes papers published with Open Access



Special Issue

Inference in Clinical Experiments

Kartlos Joseph Kartlos Joseph Kachiashvili
(Guest Editor)
Georgian Technical University,
Faculty of Informatics and Control Systems
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Open AccessEDITORIAL: Inference in Clinical Experiments - Pages 133-134
Kartlos Kachiashvili

Open AccessConstrained Bayesian Method of Composite Hypotheses Testing: Singularities and Capabilities - Pages 135-167
K.J. Kachiashvili

Open AccessA Method to Assess Neurological Effectiveness of a Spinal Adjustment for an Individual Patient: A Descriptive Study - Pages 168-174
John Hart

Non Invasive Cardiac Output Evaluation with CO2 Rebreathing Method for  Rebreathing Patients - Pages 175-181
Eraldo Occhetta, Chiara Devecchi, Paolo Devecchi, Emanuela Facchini, Virginia Di Ruocco, Laura Plebani and Paolo Nicola Marino

General Articles

Open AccessThe Simple Geometry of Correlated Regressors and IV Corrections - Pages 182-188
Richard J. Butler

Open AccessStatistical Analyses of Mutually Exclusive Competing Risks in Neonatal Studies - Pages 189-197
C. Engel and A.R. Franz

Open AccessJoint Survival Analysis of Time to Drug Change and a Terminal Event with Application to Drug Failure Analysis using Transplant Registry Data - Pages 198-213
Elizabeth Renouf, C.B. Dean, David R. Bellhouse and Vivian C. McAlister

Open AccessAddressing the Challenge of P-Value and Sample Size when the Significance is Borderline: The Test of Random Duplication of Participants as a New Approach - Pages 214-218
Jose-Gaby Tshikuka, Mgaywa G.M.D. Magafu, Mooketsi Molefi, Tiny Masupe, Reginald B. Matchaba-Hove, Bontle Mbongwe and Roy Tapera

Measuring Modified Mass Energy Equivalence in Nutritional Epidemiology: A Proposal to Adapt the Biophysical Modelling Approach - Pages 219-223
Azizur Rahman and Md. Abdul Hakim

Statistical Performance Effect of Feature Selection Techniques on Eye State Prediction Using EEG - Pages 224-230
Jean de Dieu Uwisengeyimana, Nusaibah Khalid Al_Salihy and Turgay Ibrikci

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