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Volume 3, 2014


Contract Workers in Japan’s Nuclear Utility Industry: Can We Maintain Safety and Health Standards at Nuclear Power Plants? - Pages 401-414
Akikuni Matsumoto, Hisayuki Hara and Kazumitsu Nawata

Social Choice as a Continuous Mapping from IRnIR : A Group Invariance Approach - Pages 394-400
Lyle Noakes and Alex Coram

Yield Curve Forecasts and the Predictive Power of Macro Variables in a VAR Framework - Pages 377-393
Luciano Vereda, Hélio Lopes, Jessica Kubrusly and Adrian Pizzinga

Modeling an Alternative Expression of Covered Interest Parity – in Inflation Targeting Economies of Emerging Asia - Pages 373-376
Suresh Ramanathan and Kian-Teng Kwek

Trade Openness-Government Size Nexus: Compensation Hypothesis Considered for Nigeria - Pages 364-372
Omo Aregbeyen and Taofik Mohammed Ibrahim

Socially Responsible Investment: A Comparison between the Performance of Sustainable and Traditional Stock Indexes - Pages 349-363
José Dias Curto and Catarina Vital

A Comparative Analysis on Subsidy Policies of China’s Public Housing Programmes: Evidence Based on Micro Surveys in Baoji - Pages 340-348
Nannan Yuan

Foreign Direct Investment, Institutions and Economic Growth: Evidence from the MENA Region - Pages 328-339
Mariem Brahim and Houssem Rachdi

The MENA Region – An Optimal Currency Area? Evaluating its Stability by Taylor-Rule Derived Stress Tests - Pages 310-327
Mouchera Karara

Exchange Rate Flexibility and the Integration of the Securities Market in East Asia - Pages 293-309
Takuji Kinkyo and Shigeyuki Hamori

Growth and Land Use with Agriculture and Industry - Pages 271-292
Wei-Bin Zhang

Benchmarking Cost of Milk Production in 46 Countries - Pages 254-270
Torsten Hemme, Mohammad Mohi Uddin and Oghaiki Asaah Ndambi

Financial Supervision and Bank Profitability: Evidence from East Asia - Pages 241-253
Arisyi F. Raz, Christopher Irawan, Tamarind P.K. Indra and Riki Darisman

On the Stability of Nigeria’s Import Demand: Do Endogenous Structural Breaks Matter? - Pages 228-240
Mohammed Isa Shuaibu and Basiru Oyeniran Fatai

Terrorism and the Stock Market: A Case Study for Turkey Using STR Models - Pages 220-227
Ayşegül Çorakçi Eruygur and Tolga Omay

The Natural Cycle: WHY Economic Fluctuations are Inevitable. A Schumpeterian Extension of the Austrian Business Cycle Theory - Pages 200-219
Carmelo Ferlito

Whose Governance? IMF Austerities in a Small Island State: The Case of Jamaica - Pages 190-199
Ann Marie Bissessar

A Note on the Efficiency Effects of Agglomeration Economies: Turkish Evidence - Pages 186-189
K. Peren Arin, Tolga Omay and Deniz Timurçin

Inflation in Brusov–Filatova–Orekhova Theory and in its Perpetuity Limit – Modigliani – Miller Theory - Pages 175-185
Peter N. Brusov, Tatiana Filatova and Natali Orehova

Money In Modern Macro Models: A Review of the Arguments - Pages 156-174
Franz Seitz and Markus A. Schmidt

An Empirical Study of Sectoral-Level Investments in New Zealand - Pages 140-155
W.A. Razzak

Common Stochastic Volatility in International Real Estate Market - Pages 131-139
Mohamadou L. Fadiga and Yongsheng Wang

The Future Role of Renewable Energy Sources for the Generation of Electricity in the European Region - Pages 117-130
Jorge Morales Pedraza

Socio-Economic Determinants of China’s Recent Economic Growth Pages 101-116
Sungwoo Kim

The Effectiveness of Foreign Exchange Market Intervention: A Review of Post-2001 Studies on Japan Pages 84-100
Shinji Takagi

National Economics - Pages 48-83
James H. Hughes

How Should Journal Quality be Ranked?An Application to Agricultural, Energy, Environmental and Resource Economics - Pages 33-47
Chia-Lin Chang and Michael McAleer

Economic Tools for Merger Appraisal: A Theoretical and Empirical Standpoint- Pages 24-32
Panagiotis N. Fotis

On Modelling Migrant Behavior Driven by Imitation - Pages 15-23
Elvio Accinelli, Edgar J. Sánchez Carrera and Osvaldo Salas

Monopoly by Contract: The Practice of Franchised Fee and Royalty Rate - Pages 7-14
Maria Hamideh Ramjerdi

The Phillips Curve in the United States and Canada: A GARCH-DCC Analysis - Pages 1-6
Lu Yang and Shigeyuki Hamori

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