Journal of Applied Solution Chemistry and Modeling | Volume 3 Number 3

Journal of Applied Solution Chemistry and Modeling

Table of Contents

Volume 3 No. 3, 2014


Bio-Oil Production from Cirsium yildizianum through Pyrolysis in a Fixed-Bed Reactor - Pages 135-151
Tevfik Aysu and Aydin Şükrü Bengü

Excess Volume of Binary Mixtures of Water (Methanol or Ethanol) with an Ionic Liquid [EEIM][DEP] or [BEIM][DEP] at 1 atm and (293.15 to 333.15) K - Pages 152-158
Hong-Yan Song, Yin-Hui Gong, Xue-Mei Jiang and Chun-Xi Li

Modeling and Molecular Spectroscopic Analyses of Cellulose - Pages 159-163
Abdel Aziz Mahmoud, Osama Osman, Walid El-hotaby, Ahmed Fakhry, Zainab Abdel Aziz, Medhat Ibrahim and Hanan Elhaes

Solubility Prediction of Paracetamol in N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone + Ethanol + Water Mixtures at 25   - Pages 164-168
Farahnaz Ahmadi, Komail Sadrjavadi, Ghobad Mohammadi, Amir Separham, Mohammad Barzegar-Jalali, Maryam Khoubnasabjafari and Abolghasem Jouyban

Synthesis and Characterization of N-Substituted Tetrahydroiso-quinoline Derivatives via a Pictet-Spengler Condensation - Pages 169-174
Heta A. Patel and Arun L. Patel

Surfactant Assisted Synthesis of Homogeneous Calcium Based CO2 Sorbent at Room Temperature - Pages 175-185
Chee Yew Henry Foo, Abdul Rahman Mohamed, Keat Teong Lee and Dahlan Irvan

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