Journal of Nutritional Therapeutics | Volume 5 Number 2

Journal of Nutritional Therapeutics

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Volume 5 No. 2, 2016

 * This issue includes papers published with Open Access

Special Issue

Functional Food Products & Ingredients for Gut Health

Sebnem Tellioglu HarsaSebnem Tellioglu Harsa
(Guest Editor)
Ízmir Institute of Technology
Faculty of Engineering Food Engineering Department
Gulbahce, Urla 35430 Ízmir, Turkey
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Open AccessEDITORIAL: Functional Food Products & Ingredients For Gut Health - Pages 27-28
Sebnem Tellioglu Harsa

Beneficial Effects of Probiotic Administration in Extremely Low Birthweight Infants: A Review - Pages 29-37
Steffi Beinlich and John V. Logomarsino

Intestinal Microbiota and Lymphoma - Pages 38-45
Mitsuko L. Yamamoto, Aya Westbrook and Robert H. Schiestl

Microencapsulation of L. acidophilus NRRL B-4495 in whey Protein-Pullulan Microparticles: Influence of Pullulan Concentration and Outlet Temperature - Pages 46-49
Burcu Çabuk and Sebnem Tellioglu Harsa

The Gut Microbiota and Epigenetics - Pages 50-54
Kenneth Lundstrom

Potential Benefits of Probiotics for Preterm Infants: A Review - Pages 55-63
S. Sarkar

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