Journal of Intellectual Disability Diagnosis and Treatment | Volume 6 Number 2

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Table of Contents

Volume 6 No.2, 2018

* This issue includes papers published with Open Access

Rehabilitation of Left Homonymous Hemianopia with Adjacent Palomar Prism Technique and Visual Therapy on Line - Pages 31-35
Fernando-J. Palomar-Mascaró

Memory Strategies for Serial Recall in Adults with Intellectual Disabilities - Pages 36-42

Shota Mitsuhashi, Shogo Hirata and Hideyuki Okuzumi

Attitudes Towards Sexuality in Males and Females with Intellectual Disabilities: Indonesia Setting - Pages 43-48

Tri Indah Winarni, Hardian Hardian, Suharta Suharta and Annastasia Ediati

Cannabis and Brain: Disrupting Neural Circuits of Memory - Pages 49-62

Md. Sahab Uddin, Sadeeq Muhammad Sheshe, Israt Islam, Abdullah Al Mamun, Hussein Khamis Hussein, Zubair Khalid Labu and Muniruddin Ahmed

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