Journal of Buffalo Science | Volume 2 Number 3


Table of Contents

Volume 2 No. 3, 2013


Usage of Saliva as Alternative Biological Fluid to Serum for Minerals, Energetic and Hormones Assessment in Lactating Egyptian Water Buffaloes - Pages 108-113
Abdelghany Hefnawy, Saad Shousha, Omnia Abdelhamid and Seham Youssef

Buffalo Sensory Analysis of Meat in the City of Medellin, Colombia, South America - Pages 114-117
Naudin Hurtado-Lugo, Tulio Goes, Mario Bedoya, Luis F. Restrepo and Humberto Tonhati

Lactation Persistency in Bulgarian Murrah Buffalo Cows - Pages 118-123
P. Penchev and Tz. Peeva

Metagenomic Analysis of Uterine Microbiota in Postpartum Normal and Endometritic Water Buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) - Pages 124-134
K. Onnureddy, Y. Vengalrao, T.K. Mohanty and Dheer Singh

A Comparative Study on the Physicochemical Parameters of Camel and Buffalo Milk - Pages 135-137
Sajjan Singh, Rakesh Kumar Poonia, Raghvendar Singh, S.C. Mehta and N.V. Patil

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