Journal of Buffalo Science | Volume 8 Number 2

Journal of Buffalo Science

Table of Contents

Volume 8 No. 2, 2019





Effect of Dietary Supplementation of Rumen Undegradable Protein on Productive Performance of Early Lactating Buffaloes - Pages 43-54
Shyam Krishna Tiwari, Ramashish Shah, Dainik Bahadur Nepali, Muhammad Tariq and Krishna Prasad Acharya

Anatomical Structure of Caudal Venae Cavae and its Anastomosis with Hepatic Veins in the Buffalo (Buballus Bubalis) - Pages 39-42
Hamid Karimi, Ghaffar Ardalani and Alireza Mozzaffari

Seasonal Variation of Calving in Murrah Buffalo in Bihar - Pages 34-38
V.V. Potdar, J.R. Khadse, S.A. Joshi, Y.S. Gaundare, N.L. Phadke, M. Swaminathan and A.B. Pande

Impact of the Iraq Marshlands Restoration Program on Livestock Population and Production in the Southern Marshes of Iraq - Pages 25-33
Asaad Y. Ayied and Peter Reiss

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