Journal of Intellectual Disability Diagnosis and Treatment | Volume 3 Number 3

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Table of Contents

Volume 3 No. 3, 2015

Open Access 

General Articles

Evidentiary Review of Screening Infants for Autism - Pages 120-125
Mary Kay Jones and Lori Lauver

Somatic Mosaicism as Modulator of the Global and Intellectual Phenotype in Epimutated Angelman Syndrome Patients - Pages 126-137
Silvia Russo, Ester Mainini, Chiara Luoni, Francesca Cogliati, Valentina Giorgini, Maria Teresa Bonati, Francesca Forzano, Cristiano Termine, Alessandra Murgia, Mara Patrini, Antonella Fabretto, Skabar Aldo, Elena Freri, Vanna Pecile and Lidia Larizza

The Assessment of Psychiatric Disorders in Intellectual Disability: The State of the Art - Pages 138-146
Marco O. Bertelli, Michele Rossi, Daniela Scuticchio, Annamaria Bianco and Luana Salerno

Language and Communicative Functions as well as Verbal Fluency in Children with High-Functioning Autism - Pages 147-153
Aneta Rita Borkowska

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