Journal of Membrane and Separation Technology | Volume 2 Number 2


Table of Contents

Volume 2 No. 2, 2013

**All articles are now available with Open Access

Open AccessChiral Polyurea with L-Lysinyl Residue Aimed for Optical Resolution - Pages 109-119
Makoto Hatanaka, Yuki Nishioka and Masakazu Yoshikawa

Theoretical Analysis on the Possible Interruption of Cell Division by Applying Physical Excitation to Gold Nanoparticles Introduced in Chromosomes - Pages 120-124
Yujiro Naruse

Open AccessStudy of Membrane Transport for Hemodiafilter and Reverse Osmosis Module - Pages 125-133
Masaaki Sekino

Impact of Operating Conditions on Fouling Probability and Cake Height in Ultrafiltration of Latex Solution - Pages 134-147
Amira Abdelrasoul, Huu Doan and Ali Lohi

Open AccessPilot Investigation of Coal Chemical Wastewater Containing Phenol by Pervaporation Process - Pages 148-152
Yao Jie, Shuren Yang, Du Ziwei, Li Biaoming, Wang Zhongwei, Sjack van Agtmaal, Feng Chunhui and Han Bangjun

Soluble Microbial Products Removal Profile and Morphological Assessment of Submerged Ultrafiltration Membrane - Pages 153-162
Nadir Dizge, Gulfem Soydemir, Secil Bayar, Ahmet Karagunduz and Bulent Keskinler

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