Journal of Applied Solution Chemistry and Modeling

The Interrelationship between Thermodynamics and Energetics: The True Sense of Equilibrium Thermodynamics
Pages 19-47
Evgeni B. Starikov


Published: 25 Feburary 2015


Abstract: The interrelationship between the conventional thermodynamics and energetics has been discussed in detail. A number of flavors has been considered in the field of energetics, with the conclusion that the actual difference among all of them is rather superficial. A need to reconsider the foundations of thermodynamics and statistical physics has been pointed out. Such a re-consideration ought to facilitate formulating thermodynamics at any level of matter organization: from the microscopic through nano- and mesoscopic to the macroscopic one.

Keywords: Thermodynamics, Energetics, Enthalpy, Entropy, Statistical Mechanics.
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