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Measuring Modified Mass Energy Equivalence in Nutritional Epidemiology: A Proposal to Adapt the Biophysical Modelling Approach
Pages 219-223
Azizur Rahman and Md. Abdul Hakim
Published:16 July 2016

Abstract: The calculation of net dietary energy is in great triumph on the helm of designing an apt dieting for both the therapeutic and normal diet. There are some procedures in this connection in nutritional science which is relatively time consuming, laboratory tests induced and often the misleading data contributors in view of assuring balanced dieting. The dietician is often at bay to approve an exact dieting to sustain health and nutritional soundness adhering to the existing dietary energy measuring methods because the frequently using methods are not informing the net dietary energy level required at all in correct amount for the sample at a population in a community. The aim of the current study is to make a dot over these ongoing panics exploring an easy and accurate way in prescribing a confounding free diet. The study can divulge an open secret in measuring net dietary energy which is mandatory for dieting practices worldwide to resist the possible health horrors in nutritional epidemiology. The study finding is the Modified Mass Energy Equivalence [equation (xi)] can be an outstanding biophysical model in measuring net dietary energy as a dieting tool in health pedagogy of health science.

Keywords: Mass Energy Equivalence, Health Pedagogy, Biophysical Modeling, Nutritional Epidemiology, Health Physics.
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